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Brown Bird Mask by Cryzalis Brown Bird Mask by Cryzalis Brown Bird Mask by Cryzalis Brown Bird Mask by Cryzalis Brown Bird Mask by Cryzalis Brown Bird Mask by Cryzalis Brown Bird Mask by Cryzalis
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Brown Bird mask

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Brown Bird mask

This brown bird mask is a the Short Beaked Bird version and is from a set I designed for the Dutch Dystopian children's TV Series "De Staatsgreep" Club van lelijke kinderen. The mask has been crafted from approx 2.2 mm leather and is held on with elastic unless otherwise requested. There are 5 different designs available in "The Coup" Series, which are available in different colours and styles, making each one unique. This mask is Brazilian brown with a copper line across the eyes. The series has been designed to be worn on any occasion whether it is part of a cosplay, LARPing or masquerade ball. Weighing less than a 100 grams, this mask is extremely light-wearing and comfortable.

The leather mask is held on with elastic unless otherwise specified and are extremely light-wearing and comfortable. 

All Masks & Accessories made by Cryzalis are handmade from 100% genuine leather, this particular mask has been made from 2 mm - 2.5mm natural tanned leather. The sheets are personally selected before original designs are cut by hand.

The leather Masks & Accessories are hand-painted with quality acrylic paints and sealed with a acrylic gloss, matte or satin water based lacquer.

100% genuine leather
Lightweight, flexible and durable
Other colours available upon request
Masks are finished of with an elastic strap unless otherwise specified.
Smaller eye / superhero masks can be ordered without holes and strapless (GLUE NOT SUPPLIED)

Cryzalis masks designs are made from natural leather.
Imperfections such as slight scratches and wrinkles are not considered defects with natural products and makes each product unique.

Product care
Cleaning and Caring for your handmade leather mask or leather accessory is easy. Gently wipe away any make-up or dust with a damp soft cloth.

If your mask or accessory has become wet due to rain, gently dry the piece before storing it away.

Please remember to store your leather mask or accessory in a dry dark place.

Never use chemicals or leather cleaning products on your handmade leather mask or accessory, each piece has been finished with a clear varnish and could be affected by cleaning products.
Mask & colour may become damaged if stored in direct light for long periods of time. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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