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"Persona 5"

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"Persona 5"  

Colour: white & black, gloss finish

** Other colours available upon request

This unique mask is handmade from genuine quality leather.

All Masks & Accessories made by Cryzalis are handmade from natural tanned leather. The sheets are personally selected before original designs are cut by hand.

The Masks & Accessories are hand-painted with water-based acrylic and sealed with a acrylic gloss, matte or satin water based lacquer.

Nothing is outsourced at CRYZALIS and take care of 100% of the process, designing, moulding, and painting, using only the finest hides, paints, inks and materials.

The unique textures and imperfection of natural leather, guarantees that no two pieces are the same, individual markings & scratches distinguish a genuine leather mask from a mask made from man-made materials, making each mask truly unique.

Each hide used has been carefully selected, before being cut & moulded by hand. 

This product is handmade and colours may slightly differ due to the unique textures of the hide used for each piece.

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