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Cryzalis masks headdress white blue spiked skull Cryzalis masks headdress white blue spiked double
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Ice Deity

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Ice Deity

Colour: white with blue tips & pearly finish. centre piece bird skull 

This unique headdress is handmade from 100% genuine leather and can be moved along the hairband to the required position. This tall headpiece can be matched with a smaller ice deity headpiece at the front.

All Masks & Accessories made by Cryzalis are handmade from natural tanned leather. The sheets are personally selected before original designs are cut by hand.

The Masks & Accessories are hand-painted with quality acrylic paints and sealed with a acrylic gloss, matte or satin water based lacquer.

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Lightwearing and durable 
  • Other colours available upon request
  • The headress is supplied on a metal headband and can be moved into different positions.
  • This headdress can be mixed and matched with horns, ears or additional headpieces to create your required look.